ETSNJ Apparel.

Below are pictures of a shirt and baseball cap featuring the New ETS of NJ membership approved logo.

Go to the members only area for information on ordering hats, shirts, etc.

Below are some thoughts (and comments) from the past July meeting
BaseBall Cap
shirt logo
1.     I can't believe Drew wears 2XL.
2.    Shirt logo should be on the right chest.
3.    There should be a pocket on the left chest, the right chest, there should be a marsupail pouch
4.    The name and callsign should be above the pocket.
5.    Is the text large enough for Walter to read ?
6.    On the shirt logo, the club name should be in Yellow not tan.
7.    The shirt should be the same color as the hat.

8. The shirt and hat should be a darker green.

cap side
logo chest
frt cap