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atty letter
68 officers
Cover of the original ETSNJ Bylaws and Constitution.
Circa 1968

Attorney cover letter for ETSNJ Incorporation. Circa 1968
Certificate of Incorporation
Circa 1968

1968-69 ETSNJ Officers

68 members
Original Constitution
1968-69 Member Roster
Excerpt from the original ETSNJ Constitution. Circa 1968
Some facts about ETS of NJ
From the "New Member Packet"

ARRL Spectrum Defense Fund
Contribution. 2003

94 roster
OK Ham
Ham Card
97 Roster
1994 Member Roster
(from a dot matrix printer)

News story about a blind Ham KA5NLO and the Oklahoma City Bombing. Circa 1995
Thank You card from KA5NLO & KB5TSR to ETSNJ for helping out after the OK City bombing.
1997 Member Roster

NJ Radio
No Code
Click- No Code to Know Code pdf
belt pack
Click- Belt pack pdf

News clipping about New Jersey's role in developement of radio.
Article written by N2VHV for CQ magazine. 1997
N2VHV writes about how a belt pack came to be after 9/11/01

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